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iPhone iWibble iAcquired

I’ve been wibbling back and forth on whether to get a v1 iPhone. My main reason against was uncertainty about the EDGE networking speed and my feeling that that v2 would be released quickly with 3G networking for the European … Continue reading

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Undoing Undo!

Consistency in the user interface is a vital part of making applications easy to use. Arguably, UI consistency is a significant factor in the oft-repeated ease-of-use provided by MacOS and now OS X. Certainly Apple pushed their User Interface Design … Continue reading

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Rhapsody DR2

Apple acquired Next Software in 1997 bringing OpenStep into the Apple fold. OpenStep (and NeXTstep before it) was based on BSD Unix running on top of a heavily modified version of the Mach micro-kernel. OpenStep was used as the foundation … Continue reading

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