Computer infection

Sitting at home tonight the home phone rang. A man with a thick accent informed me that he was calling from the Windows computer service department. “Sir, your computer is sending a lot of files to our remote system. This means there is a security problem with your Windows computer.”

Knowing this scam I decided to fish for a bit of a laugh and switched the phone to speakerphone. I made some concerned noises while the caller uttered gibberish about security file problems. At some point he claimed my computer was “infected”.

Right now, we have a lot of plastic sheeting around our home to guard against dust from some renovation work currently going on. That can be put to good use. :)

He tried to talk me into powering my computer on because it is safe and he will help me. At some point I wondered out loud if I should wrap my computer in plastic. I then hurried into the living room and made a lot of noise rustling the plastic sheeting. I claimed that I didn’t want to go near my computer since it is infected and I don’t want to get sick. I explained, “I’m wrapping my computer in plastic to protect my family against the infection”1. He tried to explain that the infection was an internet security infection. I listened a little and reduced the level of agitation in my voice.

Then I shouted suddenly: “No Gracie, stay away from the computer it’s infected…. uh the computer is Dangerous… Stay away.” … “How I can protect my children from the computer infection? I’m worried about my family’s health.”

At this point my darling wife was doubled over laughing uncontrollably but muffling her mirth in a pillow.

Again, the scammer attempted to back-peddle and explain that he needed access to my computer. But he clearly didn’t know how to handle me so hung up.

Total call time: ~5 minutes. Entertainment value: priceless.

  1. This was the time when the caller announced he would hang up. 

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